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(Member Exclusive) Lo Hong Ka Red Bird’s Nest Concentrate 330g

(Member Exclusive) Lo Hong Ka Red Bird’s Nest Concentrate 330g

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Lo Hong Ka concentrated bird’s nest all-natural ingredients, is best in promoting collagen production for your skin, delaying aging and helps with your skin problems. Long-term consumption of the Lo Hong Ka concentrated bird’s nest can refresh your immune system, nourishes yin energy, keep skin tender and radiant.  


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A combination of high-valued glycoprotein, rich in amino acids, carbohydrates, calcium, sodium, potassium, and many enriching nutrients in one jar that will last you 28 days-give or take. We’d say that’s a pretty good deal for something that keeps our skin smooth, gives it extra life, brightens, and keeps us glowing. Add it to your soup, dessert, or eat it on its own.


Bird's Nest


1. Enhance immune system
2. Reduce pigmented spots
3. Resilience to illness
4. Relieving cough

Direction to Use

1. Take one teaspoon daily, in the morning and at night, on an empty stomach.
2. Ensure hygiene by using a fresh spoon for each serving.
3. Securely tighten the cap after each use.
4. Refrigerate the bottle once opened and consume within 22 days for optimal freshness.

Suitable Group

Females: Beautiful skin, anti-aging, and reduction of pigmentation
Expectant Mothers: Enhance the immunity of the fetus and mother and quicker recovery time.

Kids: Promotes brain growth, boosts the immune system, stimulates growth, and reduces the risk of illness.

Elderly: Relieves cough and phlegm, strengthen immune function, postpones aging, and prolongs the life

Males: Strengthens the kidney & lung, improves physical strength, and invigorate the body.