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Lo Hong Ka Parsi Yen 150g

Lo Hong Ka Parsi Yen 150g

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This multi-purpose elixir is slowly boiled with our in-house rock sugar with the best quality Parsi bird’s nest without any artificial colorings and preservatives. Start your day with a strong defense that supports overall wellness and your immune system.

✅smooth & glowing skin
 enhance immune system
 reinforces energy

When & how much bird’s nest should be taken in a day?
Bird’s nests must be taken on an empty stomach, around two teaspoons (15 grams). Like all products, you need at least 3 months to see and feel the amazing results in your body and skin.

Suitable for
Females: Beautiful skin, anti-aging, and reduction of pigmentation
Expectant Mothers: Enhance the immunity of the fetus and mother and quicker recovery time.
Kids: Promotes brain growth, boosts the immune system, stimulates growth, and reduces the risk of illness.
Elderly: Relieves cough and phlegm, strengthen immune function, postpones aging, and prolongs the life
Males: Strengthens the kidney & lung, improves physical strength, and invigorate the body.

Keep refrigerated at chilled compartment approximately at 2- 4° C (please unpack/unwrap the bubble wrap) 


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