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JYNNS Singapore

JYNNS Flower Tea Liver Recovering Tea 8packs/Box

JYNNS Flower Tea Liver Recovering Tea 8packs/Box

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The teas are jam-packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, which help to reduce the risk of cancers and other diseases and prevent damage to the cells in our bodies.


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JYNNS Liver Recovering Tea is a flower tea made up of 4 natural ingredients. It contains high level of beneficial compounds which helps to nourish lung and revitalize liver. Liver Recovering Tea is non sulphur treated, and also does not contain added colour or artificial flavours. Suitable for working adults who stay up late.


Fetal chrysanthemum, Snow pear, Black gojiberry, Longan 


Nourish lung and relieve throat dryness, Alleviate eye strain, Helps maintain liver health

Direction to Use

Brewing Method:
1. Put 1 tea bag into tea brewing utensil
2. Pour in 400-600ml of 80°C hot water
3. Infuse for about 3 minutes and serve
4. Goji berries, honey or rock sugar may be added for better taste. Repeated brewing is encouraged.

Gentle Reminder:
Sediments are likely caused by the shredding of raw materials in flower tea, please rest assured to consume

Suitable Group

Working adults who stay up late