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JYNNS Cordyceps Flower Scallop Soup 100g

JYNNS Cordyceps Flower Scallop Soup 100g

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Introducing our Soup Packs Series - delicious, easy-to-make soups that warm your soul. Just add fresh ingredients, savor the flavor. Enjoy the convenience without compromising taste. Elevate your dining experience today! 

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Experience the epitome of nourishment with our Cordyceps Flower Scallop Soup – a delectable fusion of natural goodness and delicate flavors. Crafted with care, this soup showcases the premium essence of Cordyceps flowers combined with succulent scallops to create a taste that is both comforting and revitalizing.


Dioscorea Polystachya, Dired Longan ,wolfberry, Scallops, Cordycep Militaris, Sea Cocount Slice


Its help
1. Nourish Yin & spleen
2. Moisten body and kidney
3. Heat cleaning

Direction to Use

Suggested cooking method:
Ingredients: Pork Ribs 500g
Seasoning: Salt

Cooking steps
1. Boil the chicken, then clean it with water
2. Add water and all the ingredients into a pot, and boil for 1 hour
3. Add salt to seasoning before serving

Suitable Group

Perfect for individuals dealing with imbalances in Yin and Spleen, kidney health issues, and heat-related discomforts.