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JYNNS Abalone Chicken Soup Pack 135g

JYNNS Abalone Chicken Soup Pack 135g

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Introducing our Soup Packs Series - delicious, easy-to-make soups that warm your soul. Just add fresh ingredients, savor the flavor. Enjoy the convenience without compromising taste. Elevate your dining experience today! 

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Abalone chicken soup has many nutritious ingredients. These ingredients can play a role in warming the body, can gently supplement the nutrients lost by the human body, will not cause the excessive feeling of supplementation, nor will it bring to the human body overburden.


Abalone Powder, Dang Gui, Solomon’s Seal, Dang Shen Bei Qi, Gan Cao, Shellfish, Herbs, Special Ingredients.


1. Strengthen Digestive System
2. Tranquilize Mind

Direction to Use

Suggested cooking method

Pork Ribs, Barley 15g, Salt to seasoning

Cooking steps:
1. Wash and clean all the ingredients.
2. Boil the ribs in boiling water.
3. Put all ingredients in a pot with water, boil over high heat, turn to low heat and cook for another two hours.

Remarks: You can also put the right amount of rice wine according to your physical condition.

Suitable Group

Suitable for restless people, people with poor sleep quality, frightened children, and people with poor appetite.